The LAST Planer Board you will ever own!

The SideWinderŪ is the most user-friendly board on the market today.

This patented board attaches easily to your main line and allows you to fish your lure into undisturbed water. The SideWinderŪ works great from the river bank or from a boat, designed to allow you
to fight the fish without worrying about detaching the board.

When released, the SideWinderŪ floats on the surface and
allows your line to slide freely through its center hole design
working in the same fashion as a slip bobber.

The SideWinderŪ was designed for use in the guiding industry. Too often it became difficult to fish 6 clients from a boat and with other styles of boards that had to be attached and unattached the guide spent more time rigging than fishing.

The SideWinderŪ was designed to be universal for both sides of the boat or the bank. Other board designs have a port and starboard model adding to the planar board confusion and cost.

With the SideWinderŪ, you fight the fish — not the board!

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